Treating & Preventing Diabetic Foot Disease

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition which affects the body’s ability to utilize, process and distribute blood sugar. High sugar levels over a period of time can affect many tissues in the body. The two main ways poor sugar control can harm feet are by:

  • Nerve damage causing loss of feeling in feet
  • Reduced blood supply to feet

If diabetes is poorly managed this can lead to serious foot complications. Our podiatrists are experienced in assessing and managing patients with diabetes. We will communicate with your general practitioner and other specialists to develop a plan to maintain good foot health and function.

Passionate Team

Joanne and the team are advocates for early intervention and annual check-ups to prevent serious complications of diabetes.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or other chronic conditions, we can provide you with advice and a proactive care regime to protect your feet. 

15 Years Experience

Podiatrist and founder of Northside Podiatry, Joanne has extensive experience in working with patients suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes. Through working in the public hospital system and managing patients with severe foot problems, she has developed an understanding of how these conditions can impact the quality of life.

If your suffering the effects of a chronic condition, the team at Northside Podiatry can provide immediate critical advice and treatment to minimize the risk of complications. Podiatrists also work in partnership with your doctor to manage your condition under a chronic disease management plan.

Whatever your foot complaint, you can be confident Northside Podiatry has the experience to offer the real solution you need.

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