The Right Orthotic Solution & Best Value For You

An orthotic is an insert which is placed inside your shoe, this is specifically designed to support your foot and improve the way your weight is distributed through the feet and legs. Many painful conditions in the foot and lower leg can be relieved or prevented by wearing orthotics as they reduce the stress on overloaded tissues.

Before prescribing orthotics your podiatrist will perform a comprehensive assessment of foot posture and video gait analysis of walking. From this assessment, the podiatrist will determine if an orthotic will benefit you and if so what type of orthotic is the most suitable. Foot- type, age, activities, costs, and footwear will all be considered when choosing and orthotic type.

Your podiatrist can prescribe various prefabricated orthosis and custom foot orthosis.

Lastest Technology

At Northside Podiatry all custom orthoses are made by using the latest 3D technology iQube scanners. These will provide the most accurate imaging of your feet and will ensure the orthosis is tailored specifically for you. We use a podiatric orthotics laboratory with precision manufacturing software.

Some health funds, provide rebates for orthotics, so worth checking to see if you are covered.

Orthotics & Your Footwear

When considering your orthotic, it’s important to think about when you’ll be wearing it & during what activities. Orthotics unfortunately don’t fit into every pair of shoes.
These factors will affect the end shape of your orthotic.

The size of the shoe

Your shoe type

Adjusting to Your Orthotic

Orthotics are designed to correct the position of your foot to what they used to be. As you can imagine, this can be a big change for your body and it may take time to adjust. We recommend you wear-in your orthotics slowly, using them at first for walking only and increasing wear an hour every day. If you experience new pain, or your existing pain feels worse, contact us and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

If you think you may need an orthotic, you can make an appointment at Northside Podiatry without a referral. We’ll give you the right advice to suit your specific needs. 

Whatever your foot complaint, you can be confident Northside Podiatry has the experience to offer the real solution you need.

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